About Us


North Star Roof Deicing founder, Gary Blanchard, received his bachelor’s degree in business from Arizona State University. Gary has co-founded and helped establish 7 window cleaning and building maintenance firms over the past 30 years in different states. Gary has professionally installed roof deicing heat cable systems and gutter covers for over 23 years.

North Star Roof Deicing was created as a result of our sister company, ARC Window Cleaning and Building Maintenance, working with roofers who had to remove and reinstall heat cables for homeowners when re-roofing. We began installing roof deicing heat cable systems in 2001, and due to the growth of our heat cable systems, we created North Star Roof Deicing Inc.
Our Approach

Our Story

Our Family, Our Team

Gary and his wife, Antoinette, have been married for over 28 years and have 3 children who partner with the business. Our businesses, ARC Window Cleaning Inc and North Star Roof Deicing Inc, has helped our family travel across the US and overseas to do missionary work.

We are now settled here in Minnesota and growing our business in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas. If you want to find out more about our sister company, ARC Window Cleaning, please visit arcwindows.com
“We strive for excellence in everything that we do”

Safe Practices

Our teams value safety and are trained accordingly in safe practices using professional quality equipment.

The installation of our products are done in such a way as to keep safety at the top of our list so that you can have peace of mind, even after we leave.

Quality Service

We strive to exceed your expectations with our customer service, quality work, and attention to detail.

We take the utmost care with your property and appreciate that you chose us for your project.